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Sunday, 7 October 2012


I am trying to recall when was the last time I did not hear a music in a day, but I cannot remember maybe because I love music. A variety of it, in fact my hard drive is full of different kinds of songs which for now I have not heard some of it. Anyway, Why I was talking about music is that a friend called me today and ask me to accompany her to to look for Propellerhead Reason guitar center that I will now search first so that we will know already where to head later. Going back, I can’t imagine a world without music, I guess it’s a different story. And people would still have their way in creating new sounds that the community will come to appreciate.

Today is a good day, it’s nice to see outside my room that the sun is now showing up to give light again. This means dark time is over , time to start the day with smile:) . Since it’s early yet I turn the music on while waiting for my stomach to complaint, as I felt full still with the water I drink earlier.

Reflection time : doing nothing , while enjoying the music set my morning, I came back reminiscing how I spent the days last month. Did I accomplish something? what have I done to my neighbor that have cause them and have make them smile? Have I been selfish lately or I am already? Honestly , I have been all. Been bad and have been good as well. I know I am no saint but I will not justify some lousy acts as my being human not a valid excuse.I am sending my apology to those I have hurt lately, which I may not just well aware of. May peaceful life be upon them. Holiday season is now in the air , and I think it’s best if those bitterness and grudges be cast out, so to live light and happy. :)


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